Mogwaii Design (Scotland)

Oooh so lush. Design you want to sink yourself into. Mogwaii in Scotland is all about creating tactile home and fashion accessories that combine creative design and art with function and quality. Sculptured uncluttered style. Sophisticated pure wool. Blinds, cushions, throws, lamps, and fashion accessories. Oh-la-lusting for!

I know you'll want to cuddle up with their throws and cushions near a toasty fire. When I see them, that's the only visual I have - warmth, a flickering fire, the scent of baked apple pies...

I'm especially fond of the butterfly throw, and that you play designer by selecting your base color and the color for accents on each throw. How's that for chic customization? You have a hand in the design process, which makes them that much more appealing to purchase - they will match your living space to perfection. I love their blinds and lampshades too. I hope you like Mogwaii... I certainly do!

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(images from mogwaii design)