Design 3000 (Germany)

Design 3000 is a great place to browse for hip design for the home. From clocks to storage devices and wall decals, Design 3000 delivers in a very large way. I love the wall decals from Ich + Kar, and the "Pimp My Billy" bookcase enhancer especially for the IKEA Billy bookcase. Too funny. But, with the IKEA obsession over here (34,000 people attended the grand opening of the new IKEA here at Expo Park in Hannover a few days ago), I can see why companies are designing products exclusively for IKEA products.

I love these brick lights, this gorgeous pendant from Phayvanah Halsackda (not shown), cloth key holder, a striking clock designed by Debora Jedward in black and white (not shown), and finally, some fun stick-up mirrors in fantastic shapes.

(images from design 3000)