coffee + cre8tive {oct 27 '06}

Time to do the TGIF happy dance! I love Friday... Ever since I was a little girl, Friday equals total freedom. I'm especially excited today since I have an assignment in the Netherlands this weekend. I can't wait to travel on the ICE (high speed train), attend the 5th annual Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and meet with my new friend Danielle, whom I met online via decor8. I have no clue what is actually in store for me over in Eindhoven, but I'm sure the fair will keep me pretty occupied.

Today I'll post some fresh finds along with a few studio tours from some local hot talent (local to Hannover Germany), and then I'm outta here. I'll return on either Monday or Tuesday (pending) with lots of goodies for you to enjoy, so I hope you'll meet me back here then.

Back in a minute!

(images from ddw)