Urbanware (UK) - 15% Discount!

Hey there Mary! How does your city garden grow? I recently came across Urbanware who has the most delightful urban platters, especially designed for city dwellers trying their hardest to utilize small spaces to grow and display their green friends. Steel planters handmade by British craftsman that are completely weatherproof, colorful, and stylish - for outdoors or in! The Hanging Garden for the balcony comes with a lockable attachment to keep it in place. Try the Wall Garden that can either be fixed to walls or railings, or used as a free standing container. It's slim and very sleek. Have a windowsill? Try the Still Garden, ideal for herbs. The Sitting Garden is another free standing container that is perfect for use in your rooftop garden or terrace. Then there's the corner garden and standing garden designs too. All were designed to meet the needs of the urban dweller, and I'd say they score big on every level!

But wait, there's more... You can even design your steel planters with lasercut weatherproof stickies, too. (Urbanware can also customize (bespoke) an exclusive design just for you or your business.) Currently, you can choose from the following motifs: Ostrich, Ivy, Ibis, or Camouflage. Sweet, huh?

In addition to their wide array of steel planters, Urbanware creates hand thrown terracotta pots that are anything but typical of what you'd find in most garden shops. Some are tall and slim, others Asian-inspired, all combine simplicity with form, function and beauty. For a full view of all Urbanware products, pricing, and retailers, click here.

If you're interested in obtaining a 15% discount, simply enter your email address. As soon as Urbanware officially launches their website, they'll give you a discount on your purchase! Easy!

(images from urbanware)