Sophie Milne (Australia)

"WHYYYYY?!!?" Pals at my former workplace were famous for screaming this over their cubicles whenever something went wrong. My friend Kay started it back in '97, and because things in the corporate circus always seemed to go wrong, it stuck. That's how I'm feeling today with blogger because something went horribly wrong with my template, as I've not been able to update it since September and I need to add two new sponsors and update my book and blog of the week, and I have tons of new shopping links. For some reason when I update my template and click on preview, the font goes completely wack and transforms into this supersized text that, unless you're about to go blind, it pretty much bites.

Since I've not been able to update my columns, Modamuse has been the decor8 featured blog for weeks now, and although I'm sure they're pleased, many of the other blogs I have in queue to featured are waiting impatiently to see their blogs listed. I'm so sorry guys. I'm doing what I can. I've loved having Modamuse around though, their blog is super. That's where I found the graceful porcelain of Sophie Milne today. Stunning, huh? Modern. Graceful. Tactile. Simplistic. All these words spring to mind when viewing the delicate vessels that this talented Aussie creates.

(images from sophie milne)