Dala By Teun Fleskens and Ramon van den Heuvel: Dutch Design Week

This table was a real beauty in person, the photos (in my opinion) do it NO justice. It's called the "Dala" and was designed by Teun Fleskens (pictured below) and Ramon van den Heuvel. The inside is black which represents "the creativity that comes from within and lies in the dark. This comes to the suface through the mandalas, which stand for development. Each side of the table is different. The table is in motion, just like creativity," Teun says. It can also be customized to fit the dimensions of your space, from a large dining room to a tiny kitchen.

Meet Teun Fleskens... Oh, and if you're interested in this table, you can contact him directly at teun[at]nannanatural[dot]nl. I couldn't locate a website, sorry.

Psst: Teun designs faux bois nail tips, also on display in the Dutch Living Room. You can select from a complete range of wood types - they are called Nanna Natural. See...

(images from holly becker for decor8)