Sigrid Calon: Dutch Design Week

[I'm skipping coffee + cre8tive this week so I can squeeze in the many posts I have featuring all these great products from Dutch Design Week]

Meet Sigrid Calon and her lovely embroidered dividers. She studied textile at the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Tilburg and graduated in 1993, followed by 6 years as a design consultant. Taking a short break to have two children, the work you see here is her brand new designs - she is ready to get back into business again!

The folding screen and the textile wall are both constructed of wood and wool in XL embroidered floral patterns. (The wall is a project she worked on with a disabled group of ladies.) All show the beauty of the simple embroidery stitch in a fresh new way.

Her tea towels on display were also for sale, and they were quite a hit - nearly selling out in 3 days! A translation of the dahlia/embroidery theme, all 9 different designs have a color in their name, like silver city, red marjorette and blue wish (shown below).If you would like to order the tea towels for 10- Euros each, you can email Sigrid directly at: info[at]sigridcalon[dot]nl.

(images from holly becker for decor8)