Alena Hennessy - Soars to New Heights!

The window shopper gave me a tip to check out Alena Hennessy's new bird creations, Birds in Flight. Available in silver, pale sky blue, soft pearl, and bright white, these birds boast a 17" wingspan and can be adjusted to suspend from any ceiling height. Alena created them using a hydrostone mold and then sands and handpaints them to perfection. I love the shadows that they create on the walls, don't you? Alena also produces prints, paintings, scarfs, tees, onesies, and tiles as art, too. She's quite a busy girl! The winter tree in sky blue is my absolute fave (shown below in white), along with the birds in flight, of course. Oh and there's free shipping on orders over $65.

We love your latest creations, Alena!

(images from alena hennessy)