Lotus Bleu - Punchy Fun!

With unseasonably warm weather here in New England (it's in the 50's today and Saturday may bring us up to 60), I'm already in high gear for Spring. We've had zero snow, and given that we usually start seeing it in November, we're having quite THE dreamy winter weather. It's January and there's not a flake to be found (at least for snow, that is). Call me optimistic, but I'm already planning my wardrobe, thinking about peep toes without tights, and finalizing vacation plans. I'm ready people! It's a new year, and with all this sunshine and warmth, it's hard not to think about springtime in March. In fact, when I think of Spring, I think of playful patterns and punchy colors, lots of lime and yellow, plenty of fuschia, and bold, bold, bold! That is why I'm drawn towards the lovely Lotus Bleu of San Francisco, a store that oozes with vibrant colors, layered patterns upon patterns, mountains of gorgeous textiles to create an environment that is part Asian chic, other part French lady. They even cover vintage furniture (mostly mid century modern) with the textiles they sell, making this a true San Francisco treat.

Dreaming of Springtime, anyone?

Psst: They also offer art collected from around the globe, and interior design services. This is one to bookmark!

(photos from lotus bleu)