Wall Mural Question

Seems like Scrappy Girl, and now decor8, started a little stir by blogging about tree murals. In a good way, though! My inbox has been on fire with questions about taking on a mural project. Here's a question from decor8 reader Megan that I'm hoping you can help her with:

"I am an Interior Design student at San Francisco State University. I love to do little crafty projects on the side. I was excited about your link and info on the tree mural project. I am trying to do one myself. The biggest challenge has been finding a good image of a simple tree (no leaves) to project and paint on the wall. I would love to figure out where the tree image came from on the image that I included here (shown above). It is from the November 2006 issue of Nylon magazine from the Billabong office. It is a bit small, but I am wondering if you or your readers could help me figure out whether or not they think the wall image is painted or if it is a decal." - Megan

Megan - I've not seen this as a decal, so I'm thinking it's a mural... If you can't freehand it yourself, post an ad on craigslist or visit your local art school and check out their bulletin boards. You surely will find a free ads posted from students on commission work they offer, murals, etc.

Can anyone help Megan? Anyone know of any Billabong contacts?

(image from megan via nylon magazine)