Find That Sofa For Less!

This is an image from the lovely House + Garden magazine. As you can see, this is Sofia Coppola in her Soho loft perched on the fabulous Jules sofa, in blue, from George Smith. It is a beauty, isn't it? The only other thing that may stop you dead in your tracks is the price tag - it's listed on the site as being slightly over $12,000- USD! For some, that's pocket change. For others, that's rent for a year!

One thing that I'm always on a quest for is to find items that are expensive, and then look for ones that have similiar characteristics for less money. Not copies or direct knock-offs, just things that could fit the bill and bring in the same 'look' for less.

If you love the Jules, I have an option for you. The Hawthorne from Room + Board in Mist for only $1199,- USD. Although the lines aren't as soft, it's a nice selection for those on a budget but who desire a blue sofa all the same. If you don't like the legs, you can always unscrew them and find vintage-y ones via your favorite antiques dealers. They have lots of loose parts hanging around that can add a little more personality to a brand new piece.

The cameron from Room + Board is another close bet (in terms of shape and vintage charm), but is not available in blue. I imagine you can order it and have it reupholstered for another $1,000- or so...

Then, there's the Rochelle from Crate + Barrell for under $,1500- USD. Although it's a little dark, huh? But is does look very sturdy... And it's blue!
I think the Ashton from C+B comes the closest, in terms of overall style (especially its profile). It's just under $2,000- so although not really a 'budget' find, it's still a lot more affordable than the Jules. Again, it's not available in blue though, so you'd have to call your favorite seamstress, or just deal with it in cream and accessorize with pillows and throws.

[1/10 7:46pm EST update:the very stylish katie just posted "I was actually just at Room and Board this weekend checking out their couches. The salesman that I spoke to said that you could have any couch covered in any fabric they had available. Although that increases the final cost and you might have more difficulty if you need to return the couch. But it is a good thing to know." Yes, it is good, Katie. So folks, it sounds like you can order the lovely cameron in blue.]
(image via: house + garden)