Reader Q: Contact Paper Resources?

A reader from Austin, Texas, Miss Meredith, needs our help. Let's see if we can all pull together some ideas for her.

"I just moved into a circa 1969 rancho fabuloso. I was wondering if you had any ideas about some groovy contact paper I could use in my walk in pantry. Your wallpaper links have been very inspiring, and I wondered if you had any suggestions about contact paper or shelf liner that is cute. All I can find around Austin, TX is country kitchen stuff."

I suggest using vintage wallpaper, or head to the nearest Target store because last I checked, they had a few cute patterns that didn't have a rooster or quilt motif going on. There's also Aubuchon Hardware, they have several patterns to choose from, and they're online for easy shopping. But when it comes to really great patterns, contact paper doesn't seem to be something that some great designer has picked up on yet. There clearly is a need for someone to design great adhesive contact paper...

(image from aubuchon hardware)