Reader Q; Adding Visual Interest to "The Big Hole"

A question came in last night from reader Jody. See if you can give her a hand with her project, it's a pretty cool one, so I'm sure you will have some ideas...

"I am stumped and thought you might be able to help. We are going to cut a hole in our kitchen wall that will peer into the living room. Instead of having a big empty hole, I would like to put some sort of decorative piece in the hole that will allow me to see through to the other side, but be visually interesting. I found the attached image (above) and would love something like the wooden circles in the window area. West Elm has some new wood headboards that I thought I could use. I'll just buy a twin size headboard and cut it down to the size I need and have the contractors place it in the window when they cut the hole in the wall. Do you have any idea where I might buy something like this or is this something I would get custom made?"

Jody, your West Elm idea is a great one. I love that you're thinking of different ways to use a single item, it's exciting! I don't know which West Elm headboard you're thinking of, but I'm willing to guess that it's the octagon headboard (above) because it best resembles the honeycomb pattern you like so much in the image you sent in. In addition to West Elm, I suggest hitting a local salvage yard, show them the image you love and see if they have anything that may suit your needs. You could also use a wood screen, there are lots of them out there sold at those imported furniture dealers on the web. Cut and paint a wood screen and affix two on the wall to give it a 'shutter' effect so you can open and close it, or leave it closed, the holes in the pattern will allow the light in. Of course, you can also have something custom built for the space, but I'm sure you already thought about that. Sounds fun - I have to see some 'after' photos!

Anyone else have some creative ideas for Jody?

(2nd image from west elm, 1st image unknown)