Mecox Gardens

Oh-la-la Mecox Gardens. Their flagship emporium is located in Southampton, NY, but they have stores scattered throughout the United States, so if there's one if your area, try to take a trip to your local Mecox and bring a friend that won't allow you to over spend. You'll need someone who can keep you in control when you see their furnishings and accessories. Located in in Southhampton and East Hampton, NYC, Palm Beach, LA, Chicago, and Dallas, all I can say is that if they ever move to Boston, my bank account is in serious trouble. There's nothing on their website that I wouldn't own, and this truly scares me.

I especially love this chair that Style Court found for under $500. It would make the perfect chair for the living room writing desk, wouldn't it?

Oh, and this bedroom. I love how they used green apple as an accent. Wow.

A bookcase that I want... Badly.

(images from mecox gardens)