Reader Q: Bedroom Help

Reader help alert! What to do with this bedroom? Emily has a plate (exhibit b) she wants to put on the wall but feels it is too lonely. I suggest she start a collecton plates and arrange them over the bed in a pattern that creeps up the wall. Pick up some of the plate patterns in the bedding. I think Emily has a pretty duvet, but she could do more with it. Layer the bedding with coordinating colors in different prints and patterns.

Find a single piece of art to install over the bed, something colorful, in blues, greens, yellows, and then place the plate on the wall to the right (or left). Use teal or dandelion yellow as an accent color. With a bedroom this size, I'd DIY crown moldings along the top of the walls in the same white as the rest of the moldings. I would wallpaper the wall behind the bed, but that's just me. The painted walls look gorgeous as is, too. Especially with a nice piece of art over the bed.

As for the bedside tables, I first suggest finding two that match, and place two matching lamps on top. Think symmetrical here. Emily could even place two small dressers (that match) on each side of the bed. I see the teal spindle lamps from Urbans (or something along that line) in Emily's future... Minus the lampshade they show it with - go with a creamy white.

I may slipcover the headboard or paint it white, I'd go with something more serene than the black, it doesn't seem to fit the look you're trying to acheive. If you cover the headboard, you could find a pretty floral print that is small and understated, or you could use linen in a solid color that you like.

I would most definitely add a bench to the foot of your bed and a throw folded neated at the end of your bed. The possibilities are endless, I think most of us would die for this space.

So readers, if this were your room, how would you decorate it (and incorporate the plate)?

(images from emily)