RecreateThis Room: Chairs With Socks!

I love the simplicity of this dining room and was thinking of ways to recreate the look for less. It's a fairly easy room to create. Watch.

First, you can grab the nepture chairs ($298 each) from Anthropologie or the Bull chairs from 2bMod for $240 and team them up with the large Roost Porcelain Bell light from Velocity for $187 or the Septim from IKEA in white ($25). Next, grab a tulip table with a marble top from Retro Design Furniture for $895 or the Odyssey from CB2 for $149. (an original '60's Eero Saarinen wood topped tulip dining table from Knoll is around $3,800).

Viola! But wait. Those chairs aren't exactly budget finds. So that brings me to another idea. When I first saw the image, I called it the dining room with socks. The chairs really do look like they are wearing socks, don't they? So why not get creative and break out the white paint, paint ordinary wood chairs white, and either paint your own socks on in any color you'd like, or crochet a pair to slip on. Hey, you can even add your own by cutting the feet off of socks and slipping them on. I mean, c'mon. How cute would that be?

(top image from domino)