Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!

Brocade Home has a new online store, click on over and by all means, let me know what you think. Will you shop BH? Here's a few of my favorites...

For furniture, I like the white metal veranda headboard (above, prices start at $399). Imagine it against a wall with terrific wallpaper peeking through, or against a gorgeous peacock blue wall to really show off its graceful curves? I wish Brocade had a matching coffee table. I've always wanted an iron table, in white, with a bit of rust peeking through, in a pattern much like this headboard. On top, a sheet of glass.

For storage options, I think the silhouette bookcase is great, I love the look of this. It almost reminds me of something out of The Netherlands ($599). This Lace cut media storage ($599) is also a great find, I would love to get my hands on and paint a gorgeous color, and the smaller white storage cabinet would be fun to use bedside ($299).

The silhouette pedestal side table ($169) is another darling find, along with a tufted cube that is large enough for the foot of your bed ($399). Another tufted beauty is the bucket chair in pear ($599). And for accessories, did you see their etched glass accessories, very feminine and so lady like.
If you want something a bit less curvy and baroque-n-roll, I think these pieces will appeal to your more modern sensibilities. I love the arms on this flax sofa ($1699), which just so happens to have a matching chair ($999). I these peices because they're timeless and fit in a variety of settings. They'd worked alongside antiques, repro peices, and modern furnishings. A wise investment.

I adore this curvy table ($699) which I'd use as a desk. It has great lines, slightly understated, it really appeals to me. It's clean with curves!

And one last mention, the glass pendant with lace sleeve ($99) is a bit fun, unusal, quirky... I really like it and I don't even like lace. It works somehow. I can picture this in a contemporary dining setting, three in a row above a white parsons table. In the above photo, it's shown over a little table in the bedroom. If you look hard enough (click on the image), you'll see it!

In April, Brocade will launch their outdoor furniture - so stay tuned for that.

(images from brocade home)