Martha Stewart *New* Website

Martha Stewart has outdone herself yet again with a fabulous new look and feel to her website.

It's so fresh, much easier to navigate, packed with great articles and images, and my favorite, the decorating and craft tips. I just love Martha and remember when her website had an entire retail section where you could purchase gadgets and paper goods galore (bring it back, please!). I relied heavily on her website as I planned my wedding in 2001, purchasing lots of things she had there at that time.

My favorites were the Mexican paper wedding flags (they looked like this), with these gorgeous cut out patterns, in pure white.

I strung them together with twinkle lights to display inside of our reception tent along the top. It was gorgeous to dine beneath them, the lights showing off all the intricate patterns, sparkling through the lacey paper to create the most beautiful shadows. It doesn't appear as though the site has the retail side anymore, except for her fabulously arranged fresh flowers, but it does have tons of great articles to give you ideas and help you along with your projects, so click on over and see for yourself - it's Martha Stewart perfection!

(images from mslo)