Saltwater (London)

Ah... Saltwater. Refreshingly chic. Not to drink, but to wear. And what a cute storefront in giddy London. I love the painted brick walls, hardwood floors, and those windows... Sometimes I wonder if my second calling is commercial space design. I'd love to work on a fashion or home store design project someday. Just once. It seems so easy, although I'm certain it's not because so much has to be taken into consideration that goes far beyond mere styling. Building codes and the fact that it's a public space alone is a planning nightmare. But still. In fact, forget the whole store idea, I'd take a window display, wouldn't it be fun to do a window for your favorite store? I wish more retailers would have contests for local students and designers that awarded them with the prize of designing a window. What fun! I digress... Back to Saltwater!

I love mixing and matching, but imagine hosting a party and wearing a dress that matches the tray that matches the pillows that matches the... Oh, nevermind. I love the new fashions out for Spring at Saltwater in England, and the fact that you can really serve up your fashion, on a tray, only adds to the appeal for me. Fun!

(images from saltwater)