Maiden (and my moroccan wedding quilt dreams)

I hope every single person reading this purchases the Independent London Store Guide by Moritz Steiger & Effie Fotaki. Joy first tuned us in to this great read, and Danielle received her copy over the weekend and seems to love it to, because she's been blogging a few of her favorite stores from this amazing guide over on the Style Files. With over 165 shops featured, from furniture to art, food to fashion, this is the best London guide ever. My copy arrived this past Saturday and I finally had a moment to look it over last night. Brilliant!

One store I found through its pages is Maiden, a very laid-back approach to home decor with a focus on natural materials, French and Swedish country style, and items that display a sense of character - that worn charm that we all love. I adore the images on their website and that you can shop them online. As I looked over the site, it was no surprise to learn that owner, Anna Unwin, is both a stylist and a interior designer.

I really like Maiden's decorative accessories, especially the handblown glass baubles. Even more than that, I love how these baubles are displayed, casually strung together over a wooden hanger on a doorknob. What a great idea. It would even be fun to do this with lightbulbs, especially those slim candle bulbs meant for chandeliers.

Isn't this original Swedish dresser gorgeous? I love the color and the drawers - so much storage - this would work so well in a home office to tuck away files, art supplies, and such. What really has me drooling though is this handmade Moroccan wedding pillow. I don't really want the pillow, but to see it reminded me of something I've lusted over for at least 10 years already (or more). I've always wanted a Moroccan wedding quilt, in this exact natural color palette. I absolutely love them and hope that someday, if I ever get over to Marrekesh to visit my friends Maryam and Julie, I will find one at a local bazaar or something... I actually dream about the day that I have a Moroccan wedding quilt on my bed. Maybe I'll write to Anna and see if she can point me to a resource.

Do you have a similar fixation on something? Please tell me about it so I don't feel alone in this. I know it's a material object, but I really have to own one...

(images from maiden)