Coastal Living's Design Assistant

Have you checked out the Design Assistant section on Coastal Living's website? All I can say is don't miss it because it's loaded with interior eye candy from Coastal Living, Real Simple, Cottage Living, Sunset, Southern Accents, Southern Living, and more of your favorite magazines.

Design Assistant offers tons of tips for styling your home and you can even save the images you like by collecting them in your very own notebook, a feature I absolutely prize. The pictures are huge, you can click on any of them to enlarge, which makes the site that much more interesting to me because I go nuts when I'm browsing a magazine website and all the images are 200 x 200 or something like that. I guess I'm a big picture person in more ways than one!

Here are few rooms that made me happy and extremely homesick for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I grew up. By this time back home, I'd be watching the beachfront transform from a winter ghost town, to a vibrant summery wonderland. How did I end up in New Hampshire under all this snow, anyway?

(images from coastal living)