Karastan Plum Blossom Area Rug

So sorry for the lack of blog posts today, I had an editorial deadline and now that I have wrapped that up, I need to get ready for date night with my husband. We are heading to the coast to have dinner and see a concert, so I think I will post a few quick things here and run away with my sweetie. I missed you though - blogging is like slipping into this fantastic portal and mingling on the other side with those that truly get it when it comes to design, decorating, and all the things that I am into, that you are too. So, with that being said, I apologize for neglecting the blog today, and promise that if you check in over the weekend, I will make up for it with a post or two on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on time.

One thing I take very seriously is being able to find things that you are looking for. Recently, reader Jennifer from Chicago, wrote in about a rug she saw both in this post and from the pages of Real Simple magazine. The rug is called Plum Blossom by Karastan, and she was going nuts trying to locate it on the Karastan website. I told Jennifer that I would do my best to track one down for her, and today, mission accomplished! It finally posted online over at a rug outlet called Abingdon, so Jennifer click here to purchase your rug. :) Yay!

The rug also appears above, clearly a better shot of it by Real Simple than the one shown below taken from the Abingdon website -- but it's the same rug, I can assure you of that!

(images from real simple and karastan)