Bouf (London)

Bouf offers a hand-picked selection of impressive products that are quite unusual, something design freaks like us rarely tire of finding. With lots of new-to-market items, it's fun to peek through their site, and even more fun to shop and display in your home. :)

My favorites include the Traffic mobile sofa table, and the Hackney Lite shelf, both from designer Ryan Frank. The Solid Oak loveseat by Jake Phipps is gorgeous, not sure of the comfort level, but it looks good. Oh wait, I just noticed that it's meant for outdoors, which explains why it would work better on the patio than for falling into to watch television. Sorry Travelocity and Amelie, but these urban gnomes from Vitamin are pretty cute too, a little cleaner and much more modern. Available in these assorted patterns, but the Undergrowth appeals to me most.

(images from bouf)