Domestic - Vinyl Decals for the Floor?

And you thought vinyl stickers, aka wall decals, were limited only to walls. Huh. Think again. Domestic, the French decal giant, dishes them out for the floor, too. Shall we dance?

Some are a bit too bold for my taste, but the shadows, pebbles, roots, and tango are brilliant. You can shop for yours either directly at Domestic, or hop on over to Made In Design. Both ship worldwide (yay!), so for me, it's just a matter of seeing who charges less for shipping (wink).

And of course, I can't blog about Domestic and not show off some of their great stickers for the wall. A great alternative to paint and wallpaper if you're limited by your budget or a picky landlord. This one (below) is my favorite, I absolutely adore everything about this room, but that bold graphic takes center stage for me. Delish!

(images from domestic)