Darling Shoppe

Wouldn't it be nice if you found a card from the Darling Shoppe in the mail today, with a note inside from someone you love? Never forget the power of a kind gesture, a little thought to show your appreciation, that handwritten note.

In the age of email, it's rare that anything arrives handwritten anymore, which is why my recent mail surprises from Danielle and Jaime, both care packages with special greetings written inside, gave me that squealing, jumping-out-of-my-shoes excitement... I'm sure you've felt that many times when gifted, and it's wonderful. Darling Shoppe owner, Christine, seems to understand the power of sending something sweet to a friend, because all of her cards contain the nicest thoughts and illustrations. "I'm so glad you're alive... Gimme five!", is one of my favorites because it shows a girl and boy jumping up for a high five moment. I always had a ton of guy friends and think this card is so perfect for those boy/girl friendships that are nothing more. I mean, there just isn't enough boy/girl friends-only cards out there, so this one is perfect.
"Thanks for your support", even cuter with the image of a pink bra and "I wish you well", so fitting with a watercolor dandelion and a few detached seedlings going off on their journey.

"Hoo Hoo Hoo Loves You", we love owls, we love trees, we love eachother, could the card be bursting with anymore charm?

(images from the darling shoppe)