Reader Q: Stylish Rolodex?

Lindsay S. from Penny People wrote in looking for a stylish rolodex. Can you help her out?

"I'm a "paper" girl so tend to like to hold on to business cards that come my way, but I'm having a hard time finding a nice looking rolodex. I found this one but it's sold out, and I can't find something just as "designer-friendly". Everything out there is so -- Blah. Pottery Barn has one, but it seemed impractical as you couldn't slip in business cards. More style than function... Have you come across stylish desk accessories like a rolodex?" - Lindsay

Lindsay, I swear by Pepperpot books from See Jane Work. I file all of my biz cards in mine; I actually have two, one is personal - doctors, lawyers, friends, family, and the other is for my biz contacts. The best part, besides how pretty they are, is that these books are small and easy to throw in a bag if I need to work away from my office. See Jane Work has a standard rolodex that is much nicer than those from the office supply store, too.

Anyone have some great rolodex resources for Ms. Lindsay? We'd love to hear about them if you do! :)

(images from see jane work and pottery barn)