Company C Rugs: My Picks

Company C is another rug company that I've had my eye on since '05 and they continue to impress me with their selection. I'd love it if they ventured into two-tone bamboo motifs or goyard-esque prints, some chevons, a bit more crisp and modern. Although they do have the happy houndstooth in 5 colors, which would give your room some pop for sure. They also carry excellent color combos in stripes, too. So we're good. Company C takes care of us.

I spent time recently at their retail store located at 123 Commercial Street in Portland, Maine and found a few rugs that, in person, looked far better than the images on their website, so I have to share my picks with you. Rugs are funny like that, they so often miss the mark in print, but when you actually see them in a showroom, you can't believe it's the same rug. Take their faux bois rug, the Knotty. The woodgrain pattern is gorgeous, and in person, a thousand times better than what you see in print. It's available in gold too, but I fell in love with the blue. In my opinion, Company C needs to show their rugs in actual rooms on their website, rugs floating on my screen does nothing for me.

The Carnaby Swirl is another gorgeous rug. Again, not impressed online, but in person, it's stunning. Available in sunflower, sea grass, poppy, or cilantro, my favorites are the sunflower and sea grass. The Sloane Square pattern also struck me as a winner. It's great if you want to introduce color into the space but you're still hung up on neutrals. It's okay, it's hard to crossover from neutral safety to bold color and you know what, no one is saying that you need to because it's your home and you have final say. But if you want to sneak in some color, I think the rugs shown here, from the woodgrain to the carnaby swirl, allow you a chance to experiment a little. :)

If you want to turn up the heat a little bit more (go girl, go!), opt for a flame stitch pattern like the Lehar rug (tippy top photo, header pic). Another BEAUTY in person, it's really plush and the colors are fantastic. The Sonoma rose caught my eye, which surprised me, because online I wasn't impressed by it at all.

Psst: If you're ever in New Hampshire, visit their flagship store in Concord, where they also happen to hold an annual tent sale in September.

(images from company c)