John Robshaw Textiles *New* for Spring '07

If you've been keeping up with Beach Bungalow 8, our blog of the week, you'll see that Megan has a huge crush on John Robshaw. She's not alone. So do I. And if you thought the post showing the Brooklyn store, Layla, was an impressive display of Indian textiles, well visit John Robshaw. Crazy beautiful. Exotic, colorful, chic...

Most of us are familiar with Robshaw and his textiles since they're featured in so many magazines, but have you peeked in on his Spring '07 collection yet? Positively sumptuous.

I love to see designers that travel and collect inspiration from distant parts of the globe, then reinterpret those motifs to produce a modern version of a block print (for example), which Robshaw does by turning up the color to say, hot pink. Robshaw travels India and Southeast Asia for inspiration and goods, and although the colorways may be chic and modern, the ancient craftsmanship isn't anything new -- yet it's still a theme of his work, hand-stitched and hand-printed textiles are what make his designs so appealing to me.

You can purchase some of his bedding for adults and babies over at auto or nonchalant mom. You can find some of his shower curtains online at Fine Linen and Bath.

Thanks to Cate and Allyson at John Robshaw for most of these images, much appreciated ladies!

(images from john robshaw and nonchalant mom)