Wary Meyers: Tossed + Found

We all know and admire Wary Meyers for their paintings, gorgeous stencil work, and creative interior design and styling portfolio, but have you been keeping up with their Tossed + Found series in Time Out: New York? I recently stumbled upon it and it's great, I mean, the potential these people find in items that were tossed on the streets of New York as trash...

Wary Meyers shows us all that a little TLC (and lots of imagination) goes a long way. In their column, they transform a discarded plastic urn into overhead lighting, a worn table into a bright white and orange gaming table, and many more cool transformation tricks found here in their Tossed + Found series. Best part, the articles tell you where the item was found, what they used to restore it and how, along with before and after pictures. Love this!

They recently tried something I thought was unique because it's not about transforming trash -- It's something everyone can find and try themselves. The article, In Stores Special, was cool because they took something brand new and gave it a mini face lift. Like these stools found at Target for $60. With a little sandpaper and minwax, they gave them classroom charm that aged them and infused a lot of personality. It's a nice mini project to try before you head out to the streets to dumpster dive and hit the fleas.

(images from time out new york)