Purple Inspiration

When pulling together this post, I had to *really* search for purple rooms and accessories because it's harder to find than say, yellow, green, or red. So for now, here are some fun purple finds and later, I'll return with more to keep us going for the day into the night. I'm slowly seeing a pattern here within myself when it comes to this hue. I like it either in a soft pastel, such as lavender, and paired with white, or if I'm going jewel-toned bold, I like it alongside red and pink, or green and yellow against a pure white background. I'm not much into the dusty tones, like plum, but it does play well with silver and grey.

On a side note, don't you love this lavender light bulb? Does anyone know where you can find bulbs like these? This image came from Living Etc, so I'm thinking perhaps these bulbs are finds from Europe and may not be here on our shores in the states. But they're great, aren't they?

Here are some magical sleep spaces in purple from Living Etc. Now this is where I perk up and feel completely comfortable around this color.

This is the best example of how to gently mix in a color when you aren't really a 'color' person. Purple looks so grown up alongside metallic silver and cool greys, doesn't it?

Some great finds from Urban Outfitters for the home. These curtains are actually quite nice, but I wouldn't pair them with that olive window, I'd prefer them left untied and the olive trim painted creamy white. Deep purple paired with olive feels a bit gloomy to me, but given that I love peacocks because they're so exotic and rare where I live, it's fun to see them as a motif so I can't turn my nose to this throw rug. :)

Now we're talking... This yummy grape is fresh and vibrant alongside red, yellow, pink, and green with a bright white background. I love seeing it used in bold graphics. This chair and wallpaper is from Anthropologie, but most of you loyal blog readers already knew that, now didn't you? :)

Design Public has some dusty purple finds. A wallhanging, some pillows, canvas art, and a rug (it's on sale by Angela Adams in case you're in the market for one.) I'm not sure how I feel about mauve though... I had mauve in my bedroom when I was around 16 and lived with my parents. Mauve, plum, grey, and the black lacquered furniture. Yeah, that was in back then. I still can't believe I had black lacquered furniture in my room and mauve at age 16. And get this, I saved up all my after school earnings from my job to buy the set from Popular Club catalog - bedding, curtains, and pillows. I even found a wallpaper border that almost matched perfectly. I was so obsessed with my bedroom. But now when I think of mauve, I almost feel like I can't ever 'go there' again. Can you relate?

Have you heard of The Voice of Color? It's a color trend report on the Pittsburgh Paints website that takes four trends for the year and gives you the palette for each trend, a few images of the colors used in a room, and some products that work in the space. Although it's a good start, I'd love to see them grow it out a bit because it's a terrific idea and I'm sure they could really insert a lot more product and tips if they developed each trend more. This trend report is called Bloom, inspired by the garden in bloom, "Audacious purples, embraced by green, mauve, pink, and orange."

More purple coming up!