Poppin' Purple

More purple to love today, this time from iVillage and their Inspirations Gallery and Coastal Living magazine. I have to admit, I have never purchased a single issue of CL in my life, and I grew up in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. But I do browse their website quite often because I love all the features on it, especially the suggested towns to visit (random ones like Edmonds, Washington - a place you don't hear about much) in their Travel section. And I know I've bragged about it before, but their Design Assistant is image packed and a lot of fun to cruise through. Here are a few purple rooms that I liked, although I cheated on a few because they're more on the periwinkle (blue/violet) side, but I had to include them.

This grouping above is from iVillage. All images shown below are from the Coastal Living website.

Purple can even be used as a simple accent, such as a vase of flowers or a painting. Sometimes less is more. Except when it comes to handbags, shoes, and design magazines. Then more is more, more, MORE!

None of these rooms speak to me, but they are such great examples of purple used in design that I couldn't pass them up. I do love certain elements though, like that pink rattan chair in the kids room and that gorgeous canopy bed - that looks so Southern to me.

Show of hands here... How many of you would have loved this bedroom as a teenager? This room makes me smile because I imagine having children someday and wonder how I will handle their "Please mommy, can I paint my room "Barney the dinosaur Grape"? I may just die on the spot. This room is fine though, but grape would absolutely freak me out.

The more I look at the top left image, the more I think I'm insane because that is blue not violet, right? Or maybe it's periwinkle and if so, we're cool. If not, my apologies. I think I've looked at so much purple in the past 24 hours that everything is starting to look the same. It's almost like shopping for perfume and those ladies hand you the glass jar filled with coffee beans swearing that if you just stick your nose inside of it, the scent will clear your senses so you can start to smell perfume again. I wonder what I can look at that will have the same result? :)

Aren't dormers so pretty? I like the periwinkle walls with the crisp white trim and ceiling. Looks very coastal and fresh, like a Martha's Vineyard cottage.

Don't laugh at me. There is ONE purple item in this picture. Can you see it? I just had to pull in this image because I really love suzanis and was trying to find a way to sneak it onto my blog today. I know Domino staffers were into them during Spring '06, so I'm guessing suzanis are so pass? but I'm into them like crazy. I absolutely love the patterns and their Uzbekistan history, and I love finding items that are so intricately made, unique, and have a story to tell. Suzanis and Moroccan wedding quilts, my long running passions. If you are into suzanis, you'll love the ones I found at Brimfield last week. I had this designer from Watch Hill, RI fighting me over them. I'll tell you that story later. But I stood my ground and walked with my suzanis in hand. I would have made you proud. I'll show them to you in a few days when they're back from the dry cleaners. So, do you see the purple in this image yet? Hint: tiny bolster pillow on the bed. Yup, there. Ah-ha!