decor8 Reader Question: Navy Blue in the Kitchen?

decor8 reader Anna needs your help. Here's what she writes, "I thought you and your readers might be able to help me with a decision. My husband and I are about to build our first house and I'm trying to decide on a kitchen. I've thought that I wanted a simple white kitchen but I've since seen pictures of navy blue kitchens and now I'm wondering about that. I love the navy but I'm not sure if I'll get sick of it or it will date. Here are a couple of the images I've seen and there's also an image of what we want our open plan living/kitchen area to look like (maybe in navy though). I'd love it if you and your readers could let me know what you all think." - Anna

Kitchen in the works (not actual space, but what Anna wants.)

I like that they kept the center island, and the counter around the sink, in white. I would have added tile behind the sink though, bright yellow, cobalt, red, mix them up. Almost along the lines of Lori's kitchen here.

These cabinets look almost black to me, which I wouldn't like in your kitchen. Navy (a color that really reads navy and not black) is nice, especially in a glossy, contemporary finish, which would suit more the architecture of the home than this above, which reads more traditional or country to me. I guess that's my question back to Anna, what's your style?

Any kitchen designers or color experts out there? Susan and Rachel, where are you, we need you! Also needed: readers with opinions - Anna would appreciate the feedback.

(images from anna)