Art to Share

I want to share a few paintings that I recently purchased by artists that I love and want to support. The first is so adorable, This Chairs Suits Me Just Fine, painted by Marisa Haedike. I plan to place it in a natural wood gallery frame (no glass) and enjoy it above my desk. It's a good reminder to be happy with what you have and where you are in the present moment. The second I saw it on my monitor, I let out a little gasp followed by a few omg's, which made me sound very giddy-teenage-girl, and before long, it was in my shopping cart and I was clicking pay, the single word that stings just a little whenever I press it. It hurts so good.

Then there's Joanna by Bailey Saliwanchik, a painting I've had my eye on for months but really couldn't decide on it for various reasons. Mostly reasons having to do with money. When Adorn magazine approached me to design a room around a chair for their upcoming Fall issue, I decided to ask Bailey if I could use two of her paintings in my room because they'd really fit the vibe I was going for. After Adorn sent me the photos from the shoot, I fell in love all over again with Joanna and purchased her for my home. Now I can somewhat justify the expense since it's a very special project to me. (I'll share the Adorn photos here in August once the issue is out.)

As I was deciding on whether or not I could include these two pieces in my monthly budget, I wondered if I'd have regrets spending money on art because it's a want, not a need. So I weighed their value beyond cost and thought about the emotional benefits, what they meant to me, where I'd install them, and if I'd still love them in say, five years. I decided to just go for it and I feel zero regrets. In fact, just the opposite, I'm happy deep inside where things aren't at all surface or fleeting. I know I made the right choice.

I see it like this:

I'm now part of the freelance workforce and this is a huge, symbiotic circle that I understand functions on more than words of support, but let's be practical, money. I've thought about this a lot ever since Marisa and I had a conversation several months ago about etsy and how we can all doing something to keep the others going. Whether it be purchasing an original painting, $10 prints, or vowing to look at Etsy or indie craft fairs before we hit the store for a new handbag, we can all do our part. :)

(images from creative thursday and bailey saliwanchik)