Reader Q: IKEA Help

This question is from decor8 reader, and well, um okay... It's from me, Holly (blushing). This time I need your help, readers. There's this great IKEA cabinet, it's called ALEX, and it's just lovely for my workspace, but I cannot locate it on the IKEA website except in the images shown below. I consulted with she-bot Anna, their online whatever the heck she is, and that didn't help at all. I landed in a children's room looking at really tiny desks.

I'll confess, I'm not an IKEA regular. ALEX may not be new at all, perhaps he's old and retired. When I click on workspace from the US homepage, I see ALEX beneath a window and I envision how charming he'd look storing all my junk in his drawers. And I smile and think of how cheap he is ($199), which makes his charm only increase. Sure, I thought to phone IKEA directly, but last time I did, the call sucked up most of my day and after connecting me to three stores, I got no where.

Chances are, you guys are ten times faster than IKEA customer service. So what do you say about ALEX? Any clues as to his whereabouts? Am I missing something here?

(images from IKEA)