*New* Feature - Fresh Finds: Etsy!

I've added a fun new widget called "Fresh Finds: Etsy" to decor8 located in the left column where I'll show you some of my current etsy favorites. Just click on the mini views and you'll land in the store where you'll learn more about the item and the seller. I'll try to update it often to get things fresh. :)

This cool little widget was added for two reasons. First, because many of my friends that have an etsy store, like Marisa, have this widget on their own blogs showing their work and I really like it. I thought that there must be a way to have something like this on decor8 even though I don't sell things on etsy, but have hundreds of sellers and favorites bookmarked on their site. After some research, I found a widget and it works perfectly. I haven't noticed this "etsy favorites" widget on other design blogs yet, so if you're interested in adding something like this to your blog and you need a quick tutorial, just email me and I'll walk you through it. It's a breeze, and helps all of us spread the love when it comes to supporting independent artists by purchasing handmade.

But wait, I said I have two reasons. The next has to do with you guys. Many sellers write in requesting that I feature their work on decor8, but with so many jewelry, handbag, and misc. items that sellers write in about, I just can't do it all. My goal is to keep decor8 on track - it's a a blog about the home - decorating, design, inspiration, and so on. I have to keep the focus on that. This widget allows me to share some of the great finds on etsy that I'm currently checking out that I'm not able to dedicate an entire post to - like all the amazing fashion accessories out there. Hope you enjoy it!

By the way... If you're a seller (or simply an Etsy addict) and you have something that you think I'd like for my favorites, please email me with the link and I'll certainly check it out. Thank you!