Modern Euro Country

I'm so happy today. Not because tomorrow is a holiday and I'm going to my favorite place on earth, the beach. I'm happy because a new editor friend of mine up at Canadian Home & Country sent me a care package of magazines, and as I skimmed through the April '07 issue, I fell upon something magical.

Three magic words, to be exact. Modern Euro County. If you have the issue, it's on pages 56-61, and the article is called, "Le Femme Boheme". I finally found a magazine that addressed my personal design style to absolute perfection, and gave it a name that sits well with me. It's the style I've had for years, long before the blog, way back when I moved into my first apartment at age 19. The magazine calls it Modern Euro Country. It's a light, free-spirited approach to design that incorporates some florals, organic shapes, ethnic prints, some wood, some bright colors mixed in with pale ones, "patina meets pristine", as they put it.

Yes, this is exactly my style. Modern Euro Country. It's not vintage modern as I thought because I still have my issues with that look. I don't want to confine myself to one set style, but with MEC, it's like saying your style is eclectic with more of a focus, if that makes sense. Eclectic can mean anything. But this style immediately calls to mind a visual, at least for me. It's the rustic farmhouse table paired with my blue Eames 'eiffel' chairs, flea market finds, soft comfortable sofas with dainty exposed legs, and a mid century teak credenza throw in. Soaring ceilings, transom windows, architectural details, wood floors, a balcony. And art. Pretty paintings and framed prints with personal meaning. But the overall look is casual, charming, comfortable, and very welcoming and warm. Not fussy. And it allows me to own china in many different patterns.

Modern Euro Country. I like the sound of that. Any other MEC readers out there?

(Thanks Rebecca for sending me these great magazines!)