I Dream of Cake

A vision came to mind right before I fell asleep last night: write a post combining two delicious favorites, wedding cake and interiors. So I hopped out of bed this morning determined to pair tall, delicious, multiple layered, highly decorative, wedding cakes with some of my favorite interiors. All of these wedding cakes are from the delightful San Francisco bakery, I Dream of Cake, and the rooms are from House Beautiful, Domino, House & Garden, Blueprint, and Coastal Living magazine. One is from West Elm, too. So let's play Turn this cake into a room, shall we?

Cherry Blossoms, a touch of black, a pop of pink, delicate china, altogether gorgeousness.

Whimsical, colorful, a bit Palm Beach socialite in splashes of lime and mango. Or opt for faraway exotics with orchids in full bloom and an Indian room fully saturated in pink.

Red against neutrals, delicate embellishments, understated patterns, somewhat refined elegance with a bit of a playful touch.

What's black and white with intricate patterns all over? This cake may appear as a dainty little treat, but if you translate the patterns of this confection perfection into life size prints for a room, the impact is amazing.

Serene, simple, soft blue tones are your trusty best friend when the others are too busy to hold your hand through hard times. When white is added, you have a most heavenly palette.

A bit of clutter is comfortable for some. A cake with lots of patterns deserves to be paired with rooms also sporting multiple personalities and color. The end result? We all love it. I call the cake, and these rooms, refined chaos. Which is exactly why they work.

This bird's nest cake is charming, I tried to find its pattern and texture in these spaces and think it all works together nicely. Each room is almost inspired by nature, even the more traditional space with the crewel upholstered chairs.

So what do you feel like doing now? Decorating or eating? :)