Barnes & Noble $2 Book Sale, Working Class Studio at B&N, & Carmen Segovia

Not sure if you live near to a Barnes & Noble book store, but if you do, rush over as soon as you can (especially before the weekend when the crowds roll in) and see if they have a $2 book sale going on. The one nearest to me has many beautiful interiors and crafts books, I picked up 8 books for $16, not even the retail price for one of them. My favorite is a children's book I found called China Doll by Eliza Pilgrim, illustrated by Barcelona-based artist Carmen Segovia. The story is really great, it's all about a doll that wants to please the girl who owns her and the journey she takes to find a special gift to give her. What captivates me though are the illustrations. I really love them.

I'd not heard of Carmen before seeing this book, but the moment I cracked it open and looked at the illustrations, I had to buy it (only $2!) and learn more about the illustrator. I googled Carmen and found her portfolio online, she just so happens to be represented by the Marlena Agency, the same agency that represents Camilla Engman and this is the first book in North American that she's illustrated, most of her illustrations are for books in Europe. If you have time, maybe you'd like to look through all of the portfolios on the Marlena Agency site because each one is glorious, and please do visit Barnes & Noble before the beautiful books are gone! :)

Oh and P.S., Working Class Studio at SCAD has their paper products at B&N now, so look for it in their stationery section. I saw them last night on display and they look really great in person and are made very well. Also, you can buy them online.

Do you have any favorite children's book illustrators to share? I decided that I'm going to start a small collection of new and vintage children's books. I've been working on it already for a few years mixing in some of my own books from childhood that my mother saved for me, and so many books from the late 70's and 80's have reprints floating around (or you can find originals on eBay), so I'm collecting the ones that I can remember that I really liked. Recently on Charles Street in Boston (Beacon Hill), I spotted Petunia in a window display and ran in and purchased it on the spot. Petunia! I loved that book growing up. Do you know it?

Are there any children's book illustration groups on Flickr? If so, please let me know, I'd be interested in joining that.

(images from me and also b&n)