Reader Q: Italian Design Blogs?

An email came arrived from a reader in Italy and I wonder if you can help her because I don't read Italian design blogs, so I can't point her to one that I'd suggest. I find a lot written about Italian design at MocoLoco, Cool Hunting, Design Spotter, and Core77, but none of these blogs focus solely on Italian design. Hmmm... "My name is Silvia and I'm writing from Italy (Venice). I really love your blog and I read you every day. I appreciated so much the post about Swedish blogs and I was wondering if you could do the same for Italian blogs. I did some search but I haven't found anything. Thanks for your help and for your work. Ciao, Silvia"

Can you help? Any suggestions for Silvia? I'm thinking that once I have a good amount of design blogs gathered, I'll categorize them on a separate page under "International Design Blogs" because I think it would be fun to be able to locate them all in one place.

(image from Oliver Wide-Swensson)