Twig + Congratulations to Marisa!

Twig has the cutest things ever! Today, Twig owner Elizabeth wrote to me about a limited edition exclusive print by Creative Thursday. Marisa is a blog friend of mine and since she never mentioned this to me, I'm beginning to wonder what other creative projects she has up her sleeve. :)
I'm happy to see her branching out, it's very exciting as I've been watching her work for some time now and enjoy seeing her progress, she's becoming a brighter star in the art world all the time. Go Marisa! And the best part, she's not a shooting star - quick in, quick to burn out and fade. She is steady, forward moving, and patient with her process and content with the truth that the best things in life are often attained one step at a time. I think this is one of the most important things to be comfortable with about your career, your health, everything really. Enjoy the ride, right?

So I'm happy today to see Marisa doing well and that Elizabeth from Twig is building her business and moving forward, too. Outside of Marisa's print, Twig has other great things like some of the Orla Kiely Fall collection (drool) and a few things from her previous collections as well. I really like this travel bag because I need something like this for Fall. I'm still running around with the luggage given to me at my bridal shower 6 years ago and I'm sorely in need of a quick weekend bag in a perky print. It also has to travel well, and I've heard Orla makes a sturdy bag. How cute is this?

Bottom line: Shop Twig! This lady has a great eye and a beautiful selection. Thank you Elizabeth for writing to me.

(images from twig)