Reader Q: Help My Living Room!

decor8 reader Rachel (and husband) are looking for help with their living room. They will only live in this space for another 9 months (they rent), so I'm thinking they need to work more on the things that they can take with them and their current floor plan and worry less about the rest. Who is with me on helping Rachel? Okay, here we go! (click on any of these images for a larger view.)

note: behind the wood bookcase (left), is a counter and an open kitchen area.

I can already see that the floor plan needs some work, the TV stand is blocking two beautiful light sources, a door (do not block access routes, ever) and the other is a pretty window. Rachel said that despite the living room chairs looking dated, she's willing to reupholster them and remove the skirts to reveal their wooden legs. She likes the wall color and prefers not to paint. Colors of choice? She's considering a neutral color scheme (browns and whites) with accents of green (with yellow undertones) and burnt orange. She wants the room to be "fun, funky, modern... it's a little too traditional to me as is."

Here's a list from Rachel outlining what she is willing to change:

-We will be getting a new sleeper sofa... color is up for debate
-I am not attached to any of the furniture (other than the dining room table) and willing to reupholster/paint and/or get rid of any of it
-I can get rid of lamps and get new ones and/or just change the shades
-I like the chest the tv is on as it has a lot of storage space... I need to paint it but can't pick a color
-I would like to change the displays above the dining room table from dishes to maybe some prints or graphic art from etsy leaning on the shelves
-I am open to doing window treatments, as long as they are not too complicated

So readers, I'm opening this up to all of you to see what advice you have for Rachel. I have my own thoughts and I will include them when I return from an appointment after lunch. Together, I know we can all help Rachel! It's such a large open space, and that fireplace is such a focal point - I see tons of potential here.