Anthropologie Ditte Slipcover Sofa

This sofa is amazing. The pattern is glorious, I love the solid seat and the patterned back, the shade of green, it's the perfect combination of simplicity and whimsy. Maybe I could commit to a patterned sofa, I'm wondering if I really could. Although I think I would snap this up in a second if I had a few thousand dollars hanging around because it's lovely. And it's very comfortable, I sunk into it at our local Anthro and was shocked at how comfy it really was, it doesn't look like it would be a sink-yourself-in type of sofa. I love everything in this room, don't you? It looks so laid back. And the colors are so soothing.

For me, when it comes to big purchases that I plan to keep for many years, I'm more interested in placing pattern in cushions, curtains, art, and rugs - things that aren't in the $1,000 + range so I can freely swap things as I grow tired of them.

So to the reader who commented earlier that I'm boring because I don't like pattern (nice thing to say, thanks!), well you must not read this blog regularly because everyone knows I love color and pattern. But I do shy away from patterned sofas because I have design ADD and tend to tire of looking at the same pattern for years and years. But oh, this Ditte sofa is calling... And so are these chairs. Chairs I can deal with, they can be moved from room to room, reupholstered for less than a sofa, and the initial investment is usually much less than buying a sofa.

(images from anthropologie)