Borrowed Spoons by Heather Moore

Heather Moore (aka Skinny Laminx) wrote to me today (thanks, Heather!) about a new line of tea towels in her shop called Borrowed Spoons. But this pattern has a story, a story about how fellow bloggers inspired this designer. Another reason why blogs that write about the same thing from time to time is not such a bad thing, it can actually stimulate creativity!

"It?s a kind of collaboration with some other bloggers, all fed by the spoon craze that rippled through the blogs a little while ago", Heather continues, "Lisa Congdon, Lena Corwin and Kelly Cooper all took pics of their spoons, which I then used as inspiration (with their permission) along with my own to make this design." Heather also mentioned that she'll be donating a dollar from each online sale to a local schools feeding association.

(images from heather moore)