Reader Q: Shag Rug Help

Shagadelic, baby! Reader Kate just wrote in looking for a shag rug for her modern living room so of course I directed her over to Design Public to check out the Angela Adams spike citron rug because it's one of the best shags out there (I can see my UK pals laughing at that one).

Did you see her new birch rugs? And all the others? Swoon! I completely missed them when I visited her Portland store over the winter, so I'm thinking they are new. I think her ocean seaglass rug, it's one of faves right now, takes me back to growing up on the South Carolina coast. Fantastic!

And I know these aren't shag rugs, but can you resist the rooms? For me, seeing products IN actual spaces makes me crave them even more, I'll even drop money a lot faster if I like the space it's shown in because it gives me a sense of how it may look in my own home. Even designers and decorators need inspiration you know. The first two spaces are amazing, I was excited to see these because my living room and kitchen are the same colors and I'm thinking now of ordering one of these rugs for my dining area to pull everything together. I love this space, it's a fusion of all the things I love - art, color, space, personality. Nothing about this spaces says "Overly Designed" as much as it says "Welcome". It looks like everything was purchased over time, something I absolutely love as design-in-a-box isn't for me.

See the little fawn in the plant pot above?
I love these little details in a home.

Does anyone know of any great shag rugs out there that are in the Angela Adams price/quality range for reader Kate from Florida?

Okay, I'm heading back to the Holly test kitchen to finish the quiche for tonight. I say test because everything I prepare is freestyle and quite an experiment lately. No rules, I like that feeling in some areas of my life. Tonight there's a party I'm attending with my husband and I'm bringing along a few quiche, so I'm signing off soon. Have a great weekend everyone!

(images from design public)

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