Daub and Bauble

When it comes to selecting products for the home, I'm a detail-oriented person, giving attention to the little things that are often overlooked by others - are you this way too? I bet most of us are, we all love to discover pretty things. When I'm out shopping for the very basics (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap), in addition to scanning ingredients, I look for packaging that is simple, pretty, and matches the room I plan to use/display the product in. Even a shampoo bottle can look pretty, and sure that sounds a bit dorky, but why not enjoy beautiful 'mundane' things?

Take Daub and Bauble, a brand new company based in Minnesota with packaging that is not only modern, but 100% recyclable. And (big bonus points here), their hand wash, detergent, and hand lotion is available in delicious fragrances like Fig + Thyme, Lemon + Ginger, and Orange + Clove. You can purchase some for your home at online apothecary, Home 101 based right here in New Hampshire.

TIP: If you're on a budget, why not buy a few empty bottles at The Container Store, fill them with your soap, detergent, or lotion of choice, and apply a single band of vintage wallpaper, fabric, or wallpaper or gift wrap leftovers from a recent project you've worked on? If you'd like to seal it, brush over matte gel medium or clear glue that you'd use for decoupage projects.

(images from daub and bauble)

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