Stephanie Levy

If you crave color, you'll love Stephanie Levy. This talented lady recently wrote to me about her mixed media collages and paintings that depict fictional interiors of colorful, retro spaces. An American artist from Tennessee now living in Germany, Stephanie is quite a shooting star on the web, as her work is jumping around from blog to blog, and now from gallery to gallery. Currently, she's showing some collages at SQFT Gallery in Nashville, and they're available in their online shop until September 28th.

I'm quite drawn to mixed media collage art, my fascination started as a child because my mother and aunt created art for our family home, including my nursery, I feel warm and at home when I'm around it. Stephanie's work is exciting because she infuses gorgeous patterns and bright, mostly primary colors that aren't a bit childish or harsh, but joyous and invigorating.

Seeing this work motivates me to create, don't you feel the same way?

Nice work, Stephanie, you not only create beautiful things, but also ignite a creative spark in others. :) Thank you for writing in and congratulations on your new baby girl!

(images from stephanie levy)

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