Inkognito {Berlin}

Here's those furry postcards that I told you about. I found them in the gift shop over at the Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hannover and couldn't resist. They are from a Berlin-based company called Inkognito.

I think you'll like them, I know a little girl on the subway did. She kept watching me, and I didn't see her until my friend told me she was interested in the postcards I was looking at. When I exited the train, I glanced her way and she displayed a huge smile, cupped her little hand, and waved goodbye to me. I find this happening a lot here in Germany when kids notice that I speak English, especially if they spot me looking at cute things on the train. There's this fascination I guess with a grown up little girl like me speaking English. :)

So do you like these? I do. They're kind of creepy but cute, and the colors are fun. You can view hundreds of Inkognito postcards right here on their website in case you're interested.

(images from holly becker for decor8)