Reader Q: Chandelier Help

Here's a reader question from Rebekkah that I wanted to post right away since I'm sure one of you will immediately know the source. Here's what she writes, "I'm searching for a chandelier I have been dreaming about since I saw it in France. I have attached a photo that I took while drooling over it and my dinner. I asked the hostess where she purchased it and she said it came from Printemps in Paris but they do not have an online store. Any ideas, suggestions, or sources for this chandelier? I am going mad trying to find it." - Rebekah.

Can anyone help Rebekah? I will continue my investigation, hopefully we can all pull together and help her locate this unique find. I guess she could always contact Printemps directly, but I'm almost willing to bet that like all large department stores, it will take ages to hear back. I found this one on Dutch website Premium Gids, but I'm not convinced that it's what you're looking for entirely. If you feel like a little DIY project, you can make your own via the Carlo Rossi website, I'd dead serious, click here. It's so funny!