Isabelle Halling {swedish decorator}

When flipping through my favorite design magazines, I love to hunt for the stylist/decorator's names, or for the photographer, so I can google these creative talents in hopes of finding their portfolio online. If you don't already do this, you may want to get into the habit because it's often a search that leads you to some very satisfying results.

This is exactly how I came across Swedish decorator Isabelle Halling, via Sk?na Hem magazine. Her portfolio is lovely, here's a glimpse. I love how this kitchen/living/dining room space is styled, small yet very well coordinated with lots of sweet touches. I love the shelf of well arranged pastel ceramics and the big black lamp, I'm seeing lots of those over here in homes - they seem to be pretty common and old-fashioned - my oma had a red one!

Can anyone identify the designer of this pendant light? It seems to be a staple in Swedish design, I see it in so many Scandinavian books and magazines. Any clue?

(images from isabelle halling)