Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two

I can't believe the many calendars that readers submitted to be included in the annual decor8 calendar round up (thank you!). I'm having a hard time deciding on just one, so I've decided to purchase 4 and place them in different areas of my home - the kitchen, over my desk, in my arts + crafts studio, and another to lean against the wall on the credenza in my living room (like the Rhythm calendar from Japan below).

If you wonder how I find all of these calendars, I can't take full credit because at least 1/4 are submissions from readers. I hope that you enjoyed Part One, now it's time for the second and final collection of calendars designed by mostly independent artists. I tried to include a variety of styles to appeal to all of you. :)

Looking for something really unique? These calendars from Japan are fun and available online at Hara Museum. The Rhythm calendar is my favorite of the four because of the rough edges.

Lotta Jansdotter's linen calendar will soon be available in grey or white, check her site throughout the month of November for updates, $24.

Concentric circle calendar handmade by Debi van Zyl. Amazing. Only 6 in stock, $25.

Unbound desktop animal calendar by Tracy Harris.

Silk-screened calendar by Estasketch, $15.

A collaboration between Eun-Ha Paek of Milky Elephant and Little Otsu,
the 2008 postcard calendar, $16.

Letterpress Umbrella calendar by The Sherwood Press, $15.
Jamieho Design's gorgeous letterpressed desk calendar, $16.

Diana Fayt calendar, $30 (44 in stock).

Good on Paper's Save the Date calendar, $20.

Satsuma Press calendar, only 73 in stock, $39.

Papered Together letterpressed desk calendar, $26.

Hand-glittered Seaside desk calendar by Seaside Designs, $30.

Snow & Graham's wall calendar and desk calendar,
wall $24, desk $15.

Flora and fauna illustrated calendar by the Paper Princess, $13.

Wolfie and the Sneak calendar, $25.

Magnolia Moonlight wall calendar, $27.

Gallardo Works black desk calendar, $12.

Mulberry Muse desk calendar, $18.

Nikki McClure's calendar titled this year,
"Things to Make and Do", $18.
Rounded corners and a wooden easel make this calendar unique from Just Another Day, $20.

Pistachio Press has teamed up with INK+WIT to collaborate on a limited edition letterpress calendar (only 200), available mid November. You can either cruise the INK+WIT website mid month, or hop on the Ink+Wit mailing list so you don't miss your copy!

And last but certainly not least, and I apologize that I don't have a sneak peek for you, but the Port2Port Press calendar is another limited edition letterpressed calendar that is beautiful and sells out quickly each year. It goes on sale November 15th so watch the Port2Port website mid month.

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